Monday, August 22, 2011

08/22 (Midday) Quickie

*If I'm GM of a crappy team, I'm using a 4th-round pick on Terrelle Pryor.

*Angels lock up Jared Weaver: Can't believe Scott Boras let this happen before he hit free agency. Speaks to Weaver's commitment to the team -- he's worth the money.

*I'm not a big watch-full-MLB-games-on-TV person during the regular season -- I'll watch highlight shows or tune in during notable moments like no-hitters, etc. -- but I'm seriously considering watching Justin Verlander against the Rays tonight. He's on pace for a Cy season, but the Rays have given him fits this year.

*I love that Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted out that he is in Favre's hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, sending the sports-media world into a frenzy. Look: If he's effing with everyone, he's a genius. And if he actually recruits Favre to back up Peyton Manning? It's bonkersville.

*I'm starting to work on my Week 1 ballot for the College Football BlogPoll. Readers know I love this ballot -- I'll have a draft here for your reactions and improvements, then submit the full thing.

*The Super Bowl battle between the Pats and Packers and Falcons and Steelers and Eagles will be great. I'm almost as intrigued for the battle among bottom-feeders to tank for Andrew Luck.

*The Broncos are totally screwing it up with Tim Tebow. (Even if they don't want him, why bury him in 3rd string and kill his trade value?)

*Congrats to longtime friend of the blog Holly Anderson on her new gig as lead college football blogger for Check it out!

*More congrats to blog pals Josh Zerkle, Bethlehem Shoals, Dan Levy and Dan Rubenstein on their new gigs with Bleacher Report, an entirely fascinating company making very smart moves.

*Give Quickish a try today! (And tell a friend!)

-- D.S.

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