Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantasy Update: Solid

The results of tonight's draft. I had the 2nd pick in a 14-team league drafting 16 spots. Deadspin's Drew Magary picked first and, despite being a huge Vikings fan, took Arian Foster. Here's how I went:

Adrian Peterson, Mike Wallace, LaGarrette Blount, Percy Harvin, Chad Ochocinco, Julio Jones, Sam Bradford, Willis McGahee, Roy Helu, Jordy Nelson, Jared Cook, Emmanuel Sanders, Jacquizz Rodgers, John Beck, Greg Little, Miami D.

No kicker yet, but I'll fix that from the free-agent pool after I see how my surplus of RBs and WRs shakes out. A few notes:

*Peterson was a no-brainer.
*Wallace: No. 27 overall and the highest-rated WR available.
*Blount: Picked him up last year and loved him.
*Harvin: I'm in the tank for him, injury-proneness be damned.
*Ochocinco: Bit of a reach, but I think he has a very good year.
*Jones: My obligatory "undervalued rookie skill-position player" pick.
*QB: I was picking between Bradford and Josh Freeman.
*McGahee is a solid end-of-the-draft pick-up.
*Helu: For when Hightower fumbles his way out of the starting job.
*Nelson: Benefits from Aaron Rodgers toying with the rest of the league.
*Cook: Last TE picked (and exactly who I had targeted before the draft).
*Emmanuel Sanders was, nominally, my hand-cuff for Wallace.
*Jacquizz Rodgers is another freaky rookie on the Falcons.
*Beck was kind of for kicks. More on that next week.
*Little: Happy accident! Meant to take a K, but I'm glad I took him.
*Miami D was the option after my first choice, the KC D, was taken two picks before me by a guy who already had a defense and had no business taking another D.

I am perennially a second-division fantasy owner. I feel very good about this team in ways I haven't felt about other teams in recent years. That can't bode well.

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Robyn said...

Dan you are so in the moment you must have forgotten all of your past Bradford bashing posts. Or maybe I've forgotten the posts where you changed your mind about him!