Thursday, August 25, 2011

08/25 (Fantasy) Quickie

I'm in two longtime fantasy leagues -- one is a keeper, the other renews annually. The latter is today, and I'm the No. 2 overall pick in a 14-team league. So I guess I'm locked into taking either Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster, whoever the No. 1 guy doesn't take. (And if he doesn't take either, I'm not sure what to do -- Peterson, I guess.) But I dread that wait from No. 2 until No. 27 for my 2nd pick. I'll boom or bust off of picks No. 27 and No. 30.

Speaking of which, I'll set up the Daily Quickie Readers (or perhaps Quickish Readers) NFL and CFB pick 'em leagues by the end of the week.


*RIP Mike Flanagan. I grew up in the DC area and went to a lot of Orioles games as a kid -- Flanagan was a staple of the O's rotation; I don't have quite the recollection of the '79 season where Flanagan won the AL Cy and the O's went to the World Series, but I certainly remember in the early 80s, including the World Series title in '83. If you read the tributes, Flanagan was beloved.

*Is Mike Vick the biggest individual story of the NFL season? Yes, so it makes all the sense in the world that ESPN would dedicate its entire NFL preview issue to Vick. It's a bold idea.

*LLWS: I'm entirely comfortable jumping on the Montana bandwagon after last night's walk-off HR put them into the US championship game.

*Kerry Collins: Really? Anyone who thinks that Peyton Manning is going to be OK this year is going to be very disappointed.

*Steve Jobs resigns: Is Jobs the greatest CEO of the past century? That we can even say "arguably" puts him in a pretty rarified place.

*Bleacher Report gets $22 million in new funding: Huge congrats to that team, which is killing it right now. $22 million is a war chest -- not to mention the foundation of a $100 million valuation (which means that any potential acquirer will pay a premium on top of that).

(I'm moderating a panel in NYC next month at the 4th annual Blogs With Balls conference and B/R co-founder David Finocchio is on the panel. Get your pre-sale tickets here.)

Give Quickish a try today!

-- D.S.

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