Wednesday, August 24, 2011

08/24 (Summitt) Quickie

Very very sad news about Pat Summitt having Alzheimer's disease. The columns expressing admiration for her -- and assurance she'll fight like hell to battle it -- have been amazing. See a Quickish selection here. Thoughts are with the coach, her family and the entire Vols community.


*I'm coining a new phrase: "Tebow trolling." It's when sports-media folks say crazy things about Tim Tebow because it gets them a ton of attention. If there's anything that defines the Tebow phenomenon, it's the idea that there has never been a 2nd- (or, ok, 3rd-) string QB in the history of the NFL who gets more attention (and wouldn't get it if fans didn't want it). I fall much closer to Peter King's analysis than Boomer Esiason's "analysis."

Much more all day long at Quickish. Sorry for the short post today. Scrambling a bit on various things.

-- D.S.

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McNater said...

Awww cute how you are still crushing on Tebow. I agree he should get some looks in a Wildcat package...but if that is all he's going to offer you, why keep him around?