Sunday, October 09, 2011

10/09 (Very) Quickie

A few stray thoughts while waiting for NFL Week 5...

*RIP Al Davis. It's been fun to see his life and career put into perspective, rather than the late-in-life caricatures that have become the norm over the past 10 years.

*CFB Saturday: Impressive enough win for Oklahoma, but I think we'll recognize Texas just isn't that good. It's an annual tradition that the Sooners look really good in mid-October and people start talking nonsense about OU's worthiness as the best team in college football -- does anyone actually think Oklahoma wouldn't get throttled by Alabama (or LSU)? (BTW: At what point does Oklahoma's win over Florida State get properly devalued?)

*More: As a Florida fan, the past two weeks have been ugly, but it's pretty easy to get over them when you realize it's the two best teams in the country and that ANY team -- including Oklahoma -- would get throttled by Alabama and LSU in back-to-back weeks...

(Yes: That penalty on the LSU punter was absurd.)

*More more: Most impressive win of the weekend? Arkansas crushing Auburn... Oklahoma State fans can talk as soon as they beat Oklahoma... As far as CFB schadenfreude goes, little tops an Ohio State collapse (even if they aren't very good to begin with)... Looking ahead to next week, the most interesting game is -- ehh -- Florida at Auburn? Ugh. Weak week.

*Rangers win ALCS Game 1: The rain was interminable. The Rangers' bullpen was not.

*NLCS Game 1 today: Brewers in 7.

-- D.S.

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MalibuJ said...

I have to disagree - real schadenfreude is watching the Gators have somebody throw Tebow's jump pass on them...