Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10 (NFL Week 5) Quickie

*I'm tempted to simply point to the latest Tebow hysteria -- surely only going to grow with a bye week between now and the Broncos game at Miami (on, hilariously, "Gator Day.")

I think all Tebow fans ever wanted -- all NFL fans ever wanted, really -- was for the Broncos to stop pretending that they were a playoff team and give Tebow a chance to start, if only to see how he does. Not just one game, but for a good 10-12 weeks. I think now we'll get it. If you hate Tebow hysteria, it's not going to be a good fall for you. But if you were watching the ending last night of an otherwise lame Broncos-Chargers game, you realize that for all the gripes against him, he DOES make things more interesting. (By the way, there was a clear pass interference call on the crazy-legs Hail Mary at the end of the game; can you imagine if they called it and Tebow had run the game-winning TD in from the 1 with no time left on the clock?)

I've been saying this since before the season started -- John Fox could have started Tebow all 16 games. If he went 0-16, the Broncos get to say they gave Tebow a chance and secure Andrew Luck (while giving Tebow the reps he would need to hook on elsewhere). If Tebow actually led Denver to a couple of wins, then they know he is a QB they can build around. I've come to realize the John Fox is a terrible coach -- one of the worst fits possible to be involved in the Tebow phenomenon.

*But there's a lot more from yesterday: The Eagles are a wreck... the Jets are neutered... the 49ers are way out of "Suck for Luck" contention (because they're actually good)... the Giants lost a game they shouldn't have (surprise)... and the Vikings actually won a game (go figure: they gave the ball to Adrian Peterson and good things happened)... Appreciate Aaron Rodgers, a QB playing as well as any I've ever seen.

*The Brewers are so easy to like.

*Story of the Day: The Lions on Monday Night Football tonight in the most must-see MNF game in recent memory.

*RIP Al Davis, cont'd: Some amazing analysis of the man's life at Quickish.

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