Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11 (Lions) Quickie

*What a scene last night in Detroit at Ford Field -- that's about as raucous as any NFL home field I've heard this year. Oh, and the Lions are 5-0 for the first time in a half-century.

*Two words: Albert. Pujols. (Can you believe there was any questioning of Pujols' abilities just a few months ago?)

*Oh, wait: Nelson. Cruz. The first-ever walk-off grand slam in an MLB playoff game. (FWIW, I was at the Robin Ventura "walk-off grand-single" game at Shea.)

*NBA cancels first two weeks: Following the NBA labor situation is wearying. There's a compelling case to be made that the players shouldn't give up so much, but it's hard to break through the league's choke-hold on the mainstream NBA media, which is entirely out of its depth when it comes to labor reporting.

The fact is: NBA reporters, bloggers and fans -- even the most stridently pro-player -- would trade a severe player screwing in exchange for the season starting on time (or, at this point, ASAP). There can be a sympathy for the players' situation, but it is completely subordinate to the interest from these key folks in the process (the media) in having the season begin.

*TCU is in the Big 12: Go back a year ago, when Texas would NEVER have let TCU into the Big 12 -- mostly because TCU had become better than Texas. It's going to be amazing when TCU upends Oklahoma (and Texas, obviously) to become a perennial Big 12 contender/champ.

*Tim Tebow to be named Broncos starting QB today? Why not?

-- D.S.

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psm said...

Ummmm, TCU already lost to Baylor this year, so I'd hold off on calling them perennial big 12 title contenders. Of course, you also predicted Utah would immediately compete in the pac 12, and they're currently 0-3 in conference.