Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12 (Theo) Quickie

I've been a Theo Epstein fan since the day he got the GM job -- partly it's because we're the same age, partly it's because I like his approach, partly because I like the high-stakes role he took over. (Knowing how I feel about the Red Sox, it certainly wasn't because of an affinity I had for the team itself.) I celebrated his success (even as I cursed the Sox), and I'm Team Theo all the way.

If/when he ends up with the Cubs, I'll be thrilled. He's done all he can possibly do in Boston; the Cubs are an even bigger challenge than the Red Sox. And I actually like the Cubs -- I grew up a die-hard Cubs fan -- and it's easy to intertwine a rooting interest in the team's success with a rooting interest in Theo's success.

It's an amazing move for Chicago. Notwithstanding this season, I still think Theo is the best GM in baseball -- perhaps matched only by two of the other young guys, Andrew Friedman in Tampa and Jon Daniels in Texas. The Red Sox will be fine -- I doubt they will change much systemically or financially. I suspect most Boston fans are bummed to lose Theo. But I'm happy for him. The Cubs are the next ultimate challenge.

ALCS: Did anyone expect the Tigers to roll over in their first home game? Like all playoff series, it doesn't really start until the home team loses a game.

NLCS: Gallardo vs. Carpenter tonight should be outstanding.

It's sizing up as a quiet day. This Boston Globe story on how/why the Red Sox collapsed is sensationalized to the Nth and seems fairly confused between the concepts of "causation" and "correlation," but it's a fun read if you enjoy schadenfreude.

Give Quickish a look -- lots of great stuff there.

-- D.S.

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