Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday A.M. Wrap

Marion Jones "B" sample tests clean: I think "not not not guilty" sums up the general perception that will continue to dog her.

Michelle Kwan headed to U. of Denver: Hard to believe she couldn't do better than UD.

Andy Roddick wins again: Is it me or is this guy turning into the sports world's biggest douche?

(Sucks to be: Rafael Nadal, upset by Michael Youzhny and denying fans a chance to see another Federer-Nadal. It'll be more interesting to see Federer dismantle Roddick.)

It also sucks to be: Dmitri Young, released by the Tigers. Maybe the D-Rays will pick him up to re-unite with little brother Delmon for a 1-2, all-crazy sibling punch.

Is the PGA ready to test for PEDs? Apparently, the mild public pressure (of the "if you have nothing to hide, why NOT do it?" variety) is enough to make them do a 180 on their previous chicken-egg stance that they didn't need to test, since no one has been caught yet.

Charles Barkley re-affirms his commitment to running for governor of Alabama, but now says he's an Independent, rather than a Democrat. Must have heard from too many big donors that they wouldn't give money to an outright D. I still imagine his policies lean to the left.

Finally, those pesky Lance/Matthew McC. rumors just WON'T go away.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

You can't have Roddick playing a match against Lleyton Hewitt and say that Roddick is the biggest douche. Hewitt will always be a worse human being than Roddick.

Roddick, though, looked fantastic last night, and that was probably part of the problem. He's struggled so much lately, and had so much trouble staying focused and being aggressive, that when he actually manages to be mentally in the game, his enthusiasm ends up pretty off-putting. As a longtime Roddick rooter, I was happy to see him playing with that kind of fire.

By the way, I had a great time at the reading last night. All three writers were awesome.

Jon said...

First Jeff Weaver and now Dmitri Young. It is not a good year to be an older brother in MLB.

How could the people in Alabama NOT vote for Chuck?

Anonymous said...

He may be a douche, but hes dating Maria Sharapova, lucky bastard....

Anonymous said...

a) How is Roddick a douche? For getting tired of answering the "washed up" questions and now the "back on top" followups?

b) Seriously...Andy Roddick can't do better than that acne-ridden teenager? Dude's got money and fame; it seems he should be able to attract a hot actress instead of a pimply, overrated Russian.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, you're much better on here than you were on The gimmick of the Quickie held you back: you now have space to backup your opinions with some thoughtful commentary. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How about a James Blake/Roddick final? Why are you rooting for the local (and likeable) Blake?

And Roddick can't be the biggest douche in sports. That honor will be held by Curt Schilling until he retires.

Anonymous said...

UD? You might want to learn a little more about DU before you start making derisive comments. We can't all go to Northwestern.

Anonymous said...

How does someone like Dan Shanoff (biggest douche of the ESPN era) get off calling Andy Roddick a douche?

K. Kayin W. said...

Re: Michelle Kwan enrolling in the U of D:

She just had arthroscopic surgery on her right hip in Colorado and Denver has some of the best sports medicine doctors to treat her kind of injury. If she needs time to recuperate, why not go back to school and enroll in one that's closed to the rehabilitation center to be near her doctor? Besides she's majoring in Political Science w/ a minor in International Studies, and U of D has an excellent Pol Sci department (Condolezza Rice received her BA and Ph. D. there.)

Megs said...

FYI; DU doesn't want Kwan, the entire department was beyond annoyed that she would be her first class EVER at DU she allowed her phone to ring a total of four times without shutting it off. I don't care wo she is, if she gotta be the center of attention she should head somewhere else.

everytime she opens her mouth something stupid and ill-informed comes out...yet she continues to speak.

Also, she's not here for the doctors, its for a guy, a rich guy, who happens to be rich because his daddy is rich by way of comcast.

I had no real opinion about her before but now everytime I see her I want to cross the street.