Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anna Grant, Google Superstar

Anna Grant, the Pats fan and PPK winner who was booed by Colts fans last Sunday, is the No. 1 most-searched term on Google.

I don't think Grant became a story (the jeering happened Sunday) until the Pats announced she would be honored -- in Foxboro on Sunday -- in front of a more sympathetic crowd.

Grant is a great example of the "sports story" that catches fire in a "Good Morning, America" way:

Accessible to non-sports fans, because it involves a kid -- a teen girl -- and schadenfreude and redemption... and maybe because the Pats are a national sensation, even with non-sports fans.

Amazing: Another top ranking for the Patriots (and Boston sports). Even when they get booed, they turn up winners.

-- D.S.


Brian in Oxford said...

I found that amusing when they booed her...She seemed to take it well at the RCA Dome, too -- were we supposed to expect her to start looking confused or bawling over it?

As for the reaction by seems like a big publicity move, but it does also have a sense of the team owner telling one of the fans not to worry, because he's got their back. So I suppose that's good....

Unknown said...

I thought the Boston fan reaction (Outrage!) was hilarious. Put a kid in a Yankees jersey at any public event in Boston and see what happens....classic homerism.

Anonymous said...

A kid got booed? So what? These are the same people that want to ban "tag" so their overweight/unathletic kid doesn't feel left out.

Mr.Matt said...

I know this is old news, but I was at this game, and the reality of the situation is that there were boos going on the entire time these kids were getting their awards. The ceremony was held unbelievably at a pivotal moment of the game and people were pissed they were watching some ceremony instead of a football game. Love the homerism comment..