Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jason Garrett to Coach the Ravens Who?!?

UPDATE: Garrett hasn't taken the Ravens offer and is in Atlanta talking to the Falcons. Man, is that guy in a good position. I reiterate: Does Jerry Jones love Wade Phillips SO much that he's willing to lose out on hiring Garrett as his head coach?

Enough Apple fanboy talk: Let's get back to sports fanboy talk...

Jason Garrett is reportedly going to coach the Ravens, a team that just came off a term with a highly regarded offensive coordinator.

Garrett has more buzz than any other assistant in the NFL. Job No. 1: He is going to have to find his Tony Romo, because the Ravens don't have one.

Now: Will Garrett push to draft a QB high... or learn from the Romo Experience that top NFL QBs don't have to come in the first round.

Meanwhile, for the Cowboys: I always had the sense that Jerry Jones wanted Garrett to be HIS head coach. Jones should have hired Garrett as the head coach last season, instead of Wade Phillips. Better to be a year too early than a year too late.

(Maybe Jones should have fired Phillips yesterday and immediately made an offer to Garrett, suspecting that Garrett was about to be poached by the Ravens. I guess he didn't want to keep him that badly.)

-- D.S.

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