Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tony Sparano Hired By Dolphins

Today's column. Meanwhile...

Tony Sparano to Dolphins: Yes, I know that yesterday, I posted that Garrett was hired in Bal'mer. (Turned out to be just an offer.) But Glazer reports Sparano's been hired by the Fins, and I believe it:

Parcells is creating a management team with his guys -- GM, coach, more -- and that's an ideal way to construct an organization, particularly if you are as big of a control freak as Parcells is.

(No, really: Read today's column -- the A.M. post directly below has the short-hand teaser.)

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bird said...

Dan, the Soprano jokes have already started here. Something tells me this guy will last longer than Cam Cameron if people think he REALLY is Tony Soprano! :-)