Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 01/17 A.M. Quickie:
Sparano, Golfweek, Oprah, Pack Dad, More!

In today's column at The Sporting Blog...

Bill Parcells vs. Bill Walsh!
Golfweek vs. the PGA!
Marion Jones vs. Oprah!
Randy Moss vs. Pac-Man Jones!
Joakim Noah vs. Ben Wallace!
Gerald Wallace vs. Chris Bosh!
Bobby Knight vs. History!
Tyler Hansbrough vs. The World!
Dayton and Xavier vs. UMass and Temple!
Tony Dungy vs. Jason Garrett!
The Tigers vs. Payroll Sanity!
Mathew Kowald vs. Sports Parents Who Aren't Insane...
And More!

Here's the direct link. Or, keep your eye on this link.

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Brian in Oxford said...

Hey Dan,

while I wait for your editors to post the quickie...

you should have the hyperlink refer to this address:

because the blogs seem to post chronologically, so the general TSN site you're linking to will start with another's article, unless yours was posted most recently.