Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday 01/18 A.M. Quickie:
Pats, Pack, Kwame, Butler, Garrett, More!

Today's column is live (be sure to take today's poll in the upper-right!), and I coin what will surely be the catch-phrase of the next two weeks:

"The Slurper Bowl."

That's what we're going to experience if (no: when) Tom Brady and Brett Favre lead their respective teams to their conference titles on Sunday. (If you're going to use "Slurper Bowl," be sure to credit the source!)

Those are my picks: Pats and Pack. Not particularly bold, but I do contend that Randy Moss will catch at least 3 TDs, because Bill Belichick will want to offer a great big F.U. over the hating on Moss this week because of his alleged "incident."

Anyway: The column is loaded today -- Conference title-game previews, Lakers fans booing Kwame Brown, Linas Kleiza Mania, Butler upset by Cleveland State, Jason Garrett dissing the Falcons and Ravens for the Cowboys, more on the Golfweek controversy, Bud Selig, Rich Rodriguez and More!

Check it out here.

(Two more original posts coming at 10:30 and 12:30, so be sure to wander back around later today.)

-- D.S.

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John said...

55-17?!?! That first five has to be a typo Shanoff. I'm a Pats homer and even I don't think they will score that many points.