Monday, October 06, 2008

Big BlogPoll News: BlogPoll

There it is, listed right alongside the AP and the Coaches. Here is the stand-along BlogPoll page, including links to every single blogger who votes, which I think is amazing for transparency and legitimacy. Much more on this later. I'll have some time tonight to collect my thoughts. -- D.S.


Biff said...

Nice idea.

Glad to see that BYU has held it's spot. It's been very interesting to see how the two weeks that BYU *won* a game, they've dropped in the polls, and they went *up* several spots the week they had a bye. Makes a lot of sense. :(

It's unfortunate that UCLA and Washington both are taking nose dives this year, which will definitely hurt our SOS, and make us appear like Hawaii did last year. The good thing is that our MWC schedule should actually *improve* our SOS.

It's strange that when you compare our SOS to Utah's in the computer polls, that there is such a difference. We play all of the same conference games... so the difference is our non-conference games. Well, we both played Utah State. We both played a Div II-A team (we played Northern Iowa, and they played Weber State... not much of a difference). So the difference comes down to *two* teams... We played Washington and UCLA, they placed Oregon State and Michigan.

When you schedule games five years in advance, it's impossible to know whether a team will be any good. How frustrating.

I saw this compilation recently, thought it was somewhat compelling and wanted to share:

The last time BYU played...

Penn State, we beat them 30-17
Missouri, we beat them 21-17
Oklahoma, we beat them 31-6
Miami, we beat them 28-21
Texas, we beat them 47-6
Texas A&M, we beat them 41-37
Michigan, we beat them 24-17
Wisconsin, we beat them 28-3
UCLA, we beat them unmercifully 59-0
Arizona, we beat them 20-7
Washington, we beat them 28-27
Arizona State, we beat them 26-6
Oregon, we beat them 38-8
Arkansas State, we beat them 58-9
Baylor, we beat them 47-13
Bowling Green, we beat them 63-28
Colorado, we beat them 20-17
Georgia Tech, we beat them 24-13
Kansas State, we beat them 19-15
Mississippi State, we beat them 41-38
Navy, we beat them 31-10
Syracuse, we beat them 42-21
Virginia, we beat them 38-35
Washington State, we beat them 50-36

Sure, it's selective, and I could put together the "inverse" list of last losses... but you can look those up yourselves at

Just don't tell me our schedule is *weak* and we don't belong in the BCS picture. That's garbage. We've got the longest winning streak in the nation, and we can't even get a 1 and 1 with decent teams anymore. We just finished scheduling Boise State and Hawaii 1 and 1's in 2012+ :(

The answer is simple: 16-team playoff. Let us prove whether we belong. It appears that simply winning still isn't enough. :(

the bankrupt museum said...

isn't it a little disappointing that the blog poll looks...well...exactly the others next to it?