Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday 10/05 (Very) Quickie: Cubs Lose

I can't believe that it was less than 5 days ago that we were talking about whether it was good or bad for baseball if the Cubs won the World Series.

Here is what we know for certain: It is terrible for baseball that the Cubs get swept out of the NLDS in 3 games.

Even more than the Phillies' phurious surge a year ago, this becomes the gold standard for "Why'd you even bother?" Especially given that the Cubs finished with the NL's best record.

It's enough to make even the most die-hard Cubs fan question the value of the entire season.

On the other side, college football was about statements:

Vanderbilt: Beats Auburn and goes to 5-0 for the first time since anyone bothered to pay attention.

There is the validation at the top of the Big 12: Mizzou at Nebraska? Rout. Texas at Colorado? Rout. Oklahoma vs. Baylor? Rout. The only clarity between these three will come when they play each other, starting with Oklahoma-Texas next week.

USC earned a measure of payback against Oregon -- and earned back a measure of respect against a team that was purported to be USC's closest challenger in the weak Pac-10.

Ohio State made a statement, winning in Madison -- but it wasn't pretty. Ohio State may yet win the Big Ten (although I don't think they are nearly the team Penn State is), but they aren't particularly great. (Although Terrelle Pryor sure seems to have the ability to make the big play.)

Brewers stay alive -- would be fun to see this one go 5. Meanwhile, the Red Sox go for the sweep today, as do the Rays. Let's just get right to the epic Rays-Red Sox ALCS, can't we?

More later.

-- D.S.

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Johnny b said...

This particular Cubs fan isn't questioning the season. He knows exactly what it was, and that is a freaking waste of time. A giant tease and nothing more. Seriously this year felt different. It felt special, and to end like this just flat out sucks

I hate baseball at the moment