Saturday, October 11, 2008

College Football Saturday Live-Blog

No baby yet.

UPDATE 8: Totally ready for the nightcaps. Although there's still plenty of time for my original prediction that my wife will go into labor during the Florida-LSU game and we'll be away from the TV by the time the 4th quarter starts.

Nebraska blew it in Lubbock. They should have gone for 2 at the end of regulation, rather than taken their chances in OT. Texas Tech is unbeaten, but they sure didn't look like the No. 7 team in the country.

: More on Who's No. 1, as I suffer through Northwestern getting shellacked by Michigan State in Evanston. (Could be worse: I could be a Vandy fan -- they're about to lose to Mississippi State -- or a Tennessee fan, losing big at Georgia.) Here's why a Mizzou win tonight is moot, in terms of being overlooked for No. 1 this week: They play Texas next week. If they beat Texas -- especially a No. 1 Texas? -- the Tigers will deserve to be No. 1. So sit tight, Mizzou fans.

UPDATE 5: I don't know what Brent and Kirk are talking about. Texas is the unquestionable No. 1 team in the country, and I can't understand anyone who argues differently -- and that includes even if LSU wins in Gainesville and Mizzou clocks Oklahoma State. Texas is No. 1. They just took the best shot of the No. 1 team in the country and won by a clear KO. Man, what a big win. And how awesome is it when a Game of the Year lives up to its billing with an awesome back-and-forth slugfest.

Let me clarify -- affirm or overturn the call, I don't care. What I care about is that the refs take the 1 minute to freaking ensure the integrity of the most iffy calls. And that there is some system in place to ensure that replay is put into use, rather than bafflingly ignored.

: That end-zone INT wrong-call (along with the 2 sketchy TD calls earlier) is Exhibit A why college football needs a more clear guideline for how/when to use replay. If not in that case, then WHEN, exactly?!?! Coaches should have 2 challenges per game, and refs should be extra-careful to use review (is is supposed to come from the replay booth upstairs?) any calls in the end-zone, either TDs or turnovers. This is embarrassing.

UPDATE 2: That Nike football ad is amazing.

UPDATE: Hell of a game so far in Dallas. If you have watched a lot of college football this season, you recognize these two teams are playing at a higher level than pretty much every other team (including Missouri). And I had KFC for lunch. Damn, is that KFC unhealthily delicious.

What I'm watching today:
Noon: Oklahoma-Texas (ABC)
3:30: Northwestern-Mich St (ESPN2)
(Look-in: Purdue/Ohio St on ABC)
8: Florida-LSU (CBS)
(Tracking: OK St-Mizzou, ESPN2)
(Tracking: Penn St-Wisco, ESPN)

Wow, the night lineup is exceptional, even if I wasn't a Florida fan.


Qwagmire said...

Tell your wife "Quickie" also relates to the delivery of babies!

Good luck and hope everyone is doing well.

Not A Gunslinger said...

Go Green!

the bankrupt museum said...

That WAS a heavyweight tilt - I would argue voters should put Texas #1, Oklahoma #2 - has anybody looked on their level this year? Let Missouri play their way in by beating Texas (they don't look too good against OK St right now), and just going off of watching the games, it's a joke to think Alabama should even be in the mix.

Joel London said...

Hmm... no update since he posted the "nightcaps" starting. The LSU-UF game has been over for two hours, and still no update. Here's to Dan watching Tebow finish off the Tigers from the delivery room! Congrats Dan!

Joel, Elmendorf AFB, AK

A.P. Boynton said...

bankrupt, have you seen Penn State play? They have beaten all of their opponents by 14 points or more. They destroyed an Oregon State team that beat USC. They beat Illinois when IU was ranked and they obliterated Wisconsin on Saturday. They should be somewhere in the 2-4 range. OU should be no lower than 4 and LSU should be out of the top 10. That was a freaking joke. Overrated to the max is LSU this year. Must suck to play a team that is actually good, eh LSU?

Shanoff, as much as I loathe UF and your insane hyperbole at times about them, I hate LSU even more so I caught myself rooting for the Gators. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

In other news, Syracuse still sucks! They lost to a WVU team that was missing Pat White.

the bankrupt museum said...

a.p - I'm a Penn St. alum, so, in short - yes! I would easily slot them #3 - I think they've looked far & above everyone they've played this year, but right now I don't think they looked on the same level as Tex/OU did yesterday. But that was also a high-spirited rivalry game where everything was ratcheted up, so we'll see if Texas can survive (& get it up for) a pissed off Missouri trying to save their season next week.

Alabama is the one that really gets under my skin - it's the equivalent of those folks (cough, Dan?!) who put East Carolina in the top 10 after week 3. I think I made this point a couple weeks ago - of the four "top 10" SEC teams (Georgia/Florida/LSU/Alabama), who have any of these teams beaten outside of themselves? Arizona State? Miami? Clemson? Heavy hitters there. (In PSU's defense: at least Oregon St. knocked off USC!) Then throw into the mix Alabama's squeakers vs. Tulane & Kentucky and Georgia pillow-fighting their way by South Carolina, LSU's come from behind win over juggernaut Auburn and I just think the Kool Aid is turning out to be awfully strong on the SEC this year. I mean UCLA beat Tennessee at home, am I supposed to be impressed by Georgia doing it?

Matthew Stollak said...

I believe the new Nike ad with the music by Ennio Morricone ("The Ecstasy of Gold" from "The Good, The Bad, and The Uglt") was directed by David Fincher, of "Fight Club" fame.