Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday 10/10 A.M. Quickie:
Oklahoma, Texas, Phils, Rays, NFL Week 6

I am very excited about the ALCS, but tomorrow is a big day in college football, as I lead with in today's SN column: Headlined with Oklahoma-Texas at noon, then Northwestern(!)-Michigan St at 3:30, capped by Florida-LSU at 8. (Mizzou-OK St is a biggie, too.)

I'll dig into it more in the weekly CFB preview post coming around 11-ish, but OU-UT is arguably the regular-season game of the year -- much much bigger than USC-Ohio State. (Hindsight, but still...)

Meanwhile, big Game 1 win for the Phillies, behind Hamel's pitching and one inning of long-ball. In a 7-game series, it's hard to ascribe TOO much to a Game 1 win won by the home team, but it's a start.

Who else is excited about the NBA's outdoor game tomorrow night?

More later. Sorry for the short first post today. Complete SN column here.

-- D.S.

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