Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday 10/11 (Very) Quickie

No baby yet.

CFB Day-Long Set-Up Coming Shortly.

(1) Not only am I on the Rays' bandwagon, but I hate the Red Sox -- so last night's Game 1 result was twice as crappy.

(2) Wow, the Phillies seem to be on a mission, don't they? (Brett Myers: Mr. October... at the plate.)

(2a) Undoubtedly, they were inspired by manager Charlie Manuel, whose mother died yesterday morning, but he stayed with the team to manage the game.

(3) NBA Preseason: David Lee is going to have an absolutely monster season (19 and 15 in the NYK win last night)... Rookie of the Night: Kevin Love (9 and 11 in a T'wolves loss)... The Bulls are going to be terrible (Rose: 13 pts, 6 ast)...

(4) CBB: Kentucky's new uniforms have the privilege of being the ugliest in the sport.

(5) Canseco caught smuggling steroids? Hahahaha.

(6) I'm late on this, but who the eff would even joke about Magic "faking" AIDS?

(7) Rece Davis: G.O.P. operative? (I actually think that Rece is the best, most well-researched studio host in the entire network, regardless of sport -- even better than Fowler. He's very good with the pop/news-cultural references; this one may have tipped his hand. Fans hate when sports are merged with politics. I'm assuming this one whipped by most. The Atlantic's excellent political reporter Marc Ambinder caught it.)

-- D.S.

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Michael W said...

The thought of a Red Sox/Phillies World Series makes me want to gag. Wretch.