Monday, November 10, 2008

Alabama-Florida, TX Tech-Oklahoma Is College Football's De Facto 4-Team Playoff

As usual, Matt "Doc Saturday" Hinton has the best 10,000-foot BCS breakdown. The upshot: Alabama-Florida in the SEC title game and, in two weeks, Texas Tech-Oklahoma has all the de facto goodness of a 4-team, 2-game playoff to decide who plays for the national title. Sorry, Texas.

-- D.S.


Cooper said...

Alabama - Florida is the SEC championship, Isn't Tech-Oklahoma a regular season game, so the winner still has the championship game to play.

Zach Smith said... assumes TT/OU can handle Mizzou. Probably a reasonable assumption, but not a guarantee.

Rich said...

I was just thinking this when I turned on the TT/OK game.