Sunday, November 09, 2008

Poll Absurdity: Bama Ahead of Texas Tech?!

As if the AP and Coaches polls could be any more ludicrous or less legitimate, they each have Alabama No. 1 ahead of Texas Tech. It's like the voters don't actually watch the games, but simply rely on the "name" -- if the team with Texas Tech's resume was named "Texas" they would be ahead of Alabama, for sure. Oh, wait: They already were. Get over it voters: Texas Tech is No. 1.


Unknown said...

Wow that was one obnoxious post. I hate the SEC, but the way you completely dismiss the argument is rediculous. The Big 12 is not that amazing. They have good quarterbacks, but the defenses are pretty bad. Look at how many points the losing team scores in all these Big 12 games.

Texas played Oklahoma on a neutral field, then Missouri and Oklahoma State at home, then lost at Texas Tech. Now, Texas Tech beat Texas at home and a Oklahoma State (good not great) at home. If they were to pull off the win at Oklahoma, I think it becomes much more of a no doubt about it situation.

Alabama beat Clemson as an underdog and won at Georgia and at LSU. I think huge ROAD wins count for something.

Instead of going nuts over the polls, try figuring out what's going to happen if Oklahoma wins out and sort out the Texas/Texas Tech/Oklahoma mess.

Unknown said...

Should Texas Tech still be number one above Bama now?