Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Week's BlogPoll Ballot, Version 1

Yeah, yeah: It's controversial to rank a 1-loss team ahead of an unbeaten team. Let alone 2 of them. This week's criteria: Resume, comparable opponents, momentum, eyewitness evaluation.

1 Texas Tech --
2 Texas --
3 Florida 2
4 Alabama --
5 Oklahoma 2
6 Southern Cal 2
7 Utah 4
8 Boise State 1
9 Penn State 6
10 Ohio State 4
11 Oklahoma State 5
12 Georgia --
13 Missouri 2
14 TCU 4
15 Ball State 1
16 LSU 3
17 Michigan State --
18 North Carolina 4
19 Cincinnati 7
20 Brigham Young 3
21 Western Michigan 5
22 South Carolina 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Pittsburgh --
25 Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#18), Georgia Tech (#19), California (#20), Kansas (#21), Northwestern (#25).

(Happy to change things around before tomorrow's first BlogPoll deadline -- I can understand why ranking Florida ahead of Alabama will annoy some. I'm happy to flip it, even though I think that as of how they're playing right now, Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC CG in a month.)


Unknown said...


I think you should flip Florida and 'Bama. I do agree that Florida is playing better now and I think they'll probably win the championship game, but why not just wait until that happens to move Florida up. Here's the way I see their comparative schedules: the wins over Georgia are roughly equal (yeah, Bama gave up a lot of points, but that game was over at halftime). And Bama won at Georgia, compared to on a neutral site. With LSU, obviously Florida's win was better, but a) it was in Jacksonville and Bama played in Death Valley, b) being undefeated and #1 makes it more likely good teams are going to come to play, and c) the whole Saban thing. So, for those two games, Florida has a slight to moderate edge. In my opinion though, the loss to Ole Miss, at home, negates that edge. I mean, Ole Miss is a decent team, but still, a loss is a loss. And as I said, they're going to play each other in a few weeks, so just wait. I do think having Texas over Bama is understandable; they played a completely brutal 4-week schedule and lost the last game to an undefeated team.

Steve said...

In my sporadic comments on your posts (which I read all of) I might never again get the chance to say... Go Broncos!

(W. Michigan grad here - nice to see some love on our end, even if we did choke against CMU)

Ted Hill said...

Dan, trust me, I hate Nick Saban as much as anyone on the planet, but how in God's name can you have the Crimson Tide ranked behind Florida. I know your Gators are playing crazy good right now, but that doesn't change the fact that they lost a home game to a team that is currently 5-4 and nowhere near the top 25. Alabama on the other hand has won every game including the most recent one, which is about the toughest road test you can ask for. Please correct your rankings and bump Florida down a spot.