Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday 11/11 A.M. Quickie:
Cards, Holliday, Pierce, NL Cy, Free Darko

Remember the old Quickie gimmick "Quickie Vocab?" I believe its finest hour was "T.O.-nanism."

Anyway, I have a new one: "Single Out," found in the lead of today's SN column. Definition: Vociferously blaming someone else for your own failings.

For the second straight game, Mike Singletary blames someone other than himself for the 49ers losing. Last time, it was Vernon Davis.

This time, it's Mike Martz, the "genius" who decided the Niners were better off running Michael Robinson than Frank Gore, from the Cards 2-yard-line with the game on the line.

Beyond that, we are living in a world where not only are the Cardinals winning on Monday Night Football, but they are 6-3 with the biggest division lead of any team in football. Whaaa?!

Meanwhile, other names to know today:

Matt Holliday: Billy Beane knows that Holliday will command premium trade value from a contender next July at the trade deadline. (Or, if it's the A's in contention, more power to 'em.)

Tim Lincecum: Or should that be Brad Lidge? (Or, in my fantasy world, CC Sabathia?) NL Cy announced today. If they included postseason results, Lidge would be a lock. Instead, it's likely going to be Lincecum. Good debate to be had there.

Paul Pierce: 22 in the 4th, leading the Celtics past the Raps. (BTW, how about OJ Mayo? 33 last night, affirming Sunday's 31-point binge. The guy can score. The Grizz still stink, but they are telegenic.)

Kyle Singler: 19 and 10 in Duke's romp over Presbyterian in the college hoops season opener.

(At some point this month, we'll dig into the absurdity of my affection for Jon Scheyer. Short version: He is Redick-like in his ability to inspire loathing, yet I can't help but root for him. Perhaps that's because he is the best Jewish basketball player in college hoops. No, that's exactly why. Otherwise, I'm quite sure I would hate him as much as the rest of you do.)

Free Darko: I am trying to get a post up today in honor of the release date of FD's new book, which is spectacular. Seriously, if you like the NBA, you need to own it. Amazing essays, fantastic graphics. In FD fashion, it really is like no other sports book you've ever seen. (And I mean that literally -- the aesthetics of the thing are remarkable.)

BlogPoll feedback: Thanks for the reality check. I flipped Alabama ahead of Florida, from 4 to 3. I kept Texas ahead of both, behind Texas Tech at No. 1. I can afford to be magnanimous about Florida in relation to Alabama because the Gators will have their chance to leapfrog Bama by playing them head-to-head on the field in a month.

(Totally random note: Does anyone out there have the new MacBook that just came out last month? Thoughts? Looking for first-hand feedback. Only from those who have actually bought it please; I'm totally fluent in the criticisms of the Mac fanboys who are disappointed by it, but didn't actually buy it.)

Complete SN column here
. More later.

-- D.S.

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