Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 11/14 A.M. Quickie:
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See the post below: I remain bummed over the end of the FireJoeMorgan era, although as I noted, the "FJM Treatment" by other bloggers about dumb-ass columnists will live on, thankfully.

Meanwhile, um, yeah, so that was kind of a good game last night between the Pats and Jets. Arguably the best game of the first 11 weeks of the NFL season.

At first it was shocking to see the Jets lead by so much. Then it was comforting to see the Pats surge back. Then it was shocking again to see the Jets actually pull it out. Obviously, it led today's SN column.

For the anti-Favre contingent, it's hard not to look at the win at Foxboro, the 7-3 record, the first place status in the AFC East, the best-Jets-regular-season-win-ever? superlative and nod in approval.

Looking ahead to the weekend, with Jerry Jones' guarantee of the playoffs, that doesn't put too much pressure on the Cowboys and Tony Romo to win in DC on Sunday night, does it?

(Meanwhile, in my public Yahoo celebutard sports blogger fantasy league, I had a surplus of WRs and needed RBs, so I basically traded Brandon Marshall for what I thought was a rising, surprising BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who promptly ran for about 10 yards on 2 carries...about 58 yards less than QB Matt Cassel ran for. I was already out of playoff contention, but that might be a nice little window into why.)

CFB: Preview coming at midday, as usual, but without a truly marquee game, it's really a competition between Texas and Florida over style points against good comp. I'd give Florida the edge in opponent -- the Gators are the only BCS contender playing a Top 25 BCS team this week, although playing at Kansas is no cakewalk for UT.

NBA: Near-triple-doubles from LeBron don't do anything for me anymore. However, checking Derrick Rose's stats in the boxscores is probably one of the first 3 players I look for in the morning, when the Bulls are on the schedule. What a real deal he's turning out to be.

College Hoops: So Stephen Curry is my pick for Player of the Year. Louisville is my pick to win the national title. And Florida opens their season on ESPNU tonight as part of a tip-off weekend that sees basically every team launch their season (if they didn't earlier this week). Happy times.

Complete SN column here. More later. To those of you who won't check in after this until Monday, have a great weekend. I'll be posting through the weekend, as usual.

-- D.S.

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Qwagmire said...

Maybe the FJM guys know his end is near. If there is a god...

Ill miss them.