Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday 11/15 (Very) Quickie

"What recession?" That's a worthwhile question when you hear the Yankees offered CC Sabathia $140M over 6 years. No, seriously: WHAT? No pitcher is worth that.

Missing the playoffs must have freaked the Yankees out entirely. I thought they were going to be more thrifty, not less. The funniest part will be when CC pitches like he did in the AL last season, not the NL and the Yankees miss the playoffs again.

Meanwhile, think the AI-Billups trade is working out for the Nuggets? They won in Boston, which is just about as big a win as exists in the NBA this season. (Meanwhile, the Pistons beat the Lakers in LA -- AI had a big game, but Rasheed was on fire.)

CBB Openers: So I think playing PG is going to work out for Stephen Curry. In addition to 29 points, Curry had 10 assists (and 9 steals!)... More studs: Blake Griffin (24 and 18)... Hasheem Thabeet (23 and 17)... James Harden (24 pts)... DeJuan Blair (17 and 13)... Freshman Watch: Al-Farouq Aminu (21 and 10 in his debut)...

Shocker...or not: Wasn't it just a year ago that Kentucky lost a couple of November games to vastly inferior teams? Maybe they were just learning Billy Gillispie's system. So what's his excuse this year, as Kentucky lost to VMI? UK has one of the best big men in college hoops, Patrick Patterson, and in 27 minutes, the guy got 4 shots. Looks like last season was no fluke in Lexington.

CFB Last Night: Cincinnati takes the lead for the Big East title. Brian Kelly is one of the best coaches in the country. I cannot believe he won't be a hot commodity this offseason, particularly if the Bearcats win the Big East's BCS spot. He seems to have a sweet spot in the Midwest (before Cincy, he was at Central Michigan) -- let me be an early voice to say it: Notre Dame should hire Brian Kelly as soon as Charlie Weis loses the Navy game today.

More CFB coming later today...

-- D.S.

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Jimmy Delach said...

I know this item got lost with all the football, basketball and C.C. Sabathia taalk from Friday but how about the Lightning firing Barry Melrose and naming Ric "The Gambler" Tocchet to replace him? The Lightning ownership were fools to lure Barry away from ESPN when he hadn't coached an NHL game since 1995.