Thursday, November 06, 2008

Big Daddy Drew, Buzz Bissinger, Dan Steinberg: Best Varsity Letters Ever?

When I founded the Varsity Letters Reading Series three years ago -- still the nation's only reading series dedicated to sports -- before turning it over to the amazingly more competent folks at Gelf, tonight's lineup was the type that I think was the aspiration:

Drew Magary
: One of the leading voices in the sports blogosphere, newly published author of the best-selling book "Men With Balls" and -- incidentally now, I guess -- a founding editor of Kissing Suzy Kolber and a contributing editor to Deadspin.

Buzz Bissinger: Pulitzer-winning author, "Friday Night Lights," "3 Days in August" yada yada yada, will likely be best-known for his nationally televised rant against bloggers. He and Drew are now pals, it is worth noting. When you blurb a book, it's like sleeping with someone.

Dan Steinberg: Creator and proprietor of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog, one of the first mainstream newspaper sports blogs -- and certainly the gold standard for how newspapers can use the platform of blogging to add considerable value for their readers and their brand.

About a year ago, VL convened a "Blogger Night" that was about as packed and crazy as I think the reading space could allow for. I actually think tonight will be even more fun. If you live in New York, I highly recommend it. Complete details here.

(The image above was inspired by the cover image of "Men With Balls". Consider it my homage to the evening.)

-- D.S.

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