Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday 11/03 A.M. Quickie:
BCS, Titans, Texas Tech, Colts, CP3

Still recovering from Saturday's win by Texas Tech over Texas. (What: You thought I'd say I'm still recovering from Saturday's win by Florida over Georgia?)

Perfection is on the brain in the lead of today's SN column: The Titans' perfection, Texas' inability to maintain perfection, the idea that Florida needs a perfect ending to even sniff the national-title game. (OK, maybe that last part didn't make the SN column.)

As a Gators fan, what those wins did was give me at least a reasonable scenario where Florida could make the national title game: Win out, including a win over a (hopefully unbeaten) Alabama in the SEC title game, plus a loss by either Texas Tech or (more remotely possible) Penn State.

Given that there are only 8 teams with even the remotest chance of making it (and 4 of the 8 play in the same conference division -- it's really 4: Big 12 champ, SEC champ, Penn St, USC), I'm just happy to be in the conversation.

Meanwhile, the Titans may have the NFL's best record, but I think it's obvious that the Giants are the NFL's best team (though the Cowboys are pretty awful, making the Giants look better). The AFC East is the most interesting division. And the Raiders (77 yards of offense?) are the league's worst. (Re: the Vick rumors -- he could only help.)

Saturday night was the real spectacular show in the NBA; yesterday's games were merely to (a) remind that the Knicks aren't THAT "new-look" and (b) get OKC the team's first post-relocation win. (Zzz: Tell me when Chris Paul or the must-see rookies are playing again.)

Complete SN column here.

Please weigh in on the BlogPoll ballot below, with a particular emphasis on the Top 10. (Yes, I know that I rank Michigan State way too high. I'll fix it.) And check out the post below that, which lays out a schematic for each of the 8 BCS contenders -- looking for your help on that.

More later. Tomorrow is a big day, to say the least. (Hmm: Have you bought your T-shirt yet?)

-- D.S.


Michael W said...

I guess USC is still "in" it, but their remaining schedule isn't going to get much better: they've got the three other California schools and Notre Dame.

I know you don't pay much attention to the Pac-10, Dan, but how crazy is this: even if USC wins out, they might not win the Pac-10! Amazingly, USC does NOT control its own destiny in the conference. Oregon State is 4-1 in Pac-10 play, and obviously have the tie-breaker over USC. OSU has a tough finish: UCLA, Cal, Arizona, and Oregon, but it would be hilarious to see USC win out and still not get the title.

Unknown said...

check out the real BCS: