Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Week's BlogPoll Ballot, Version 1

As always, let me know what you think. As mentioned this weekend, we reach a point in the season where "resume" is supplemented by the context of how those wins (and losses) look now, along with that amorphous notion of "how well they're playing right now."

1 Texas Tech 3
2 Texas 1
3 Penn State --
4 Alabama 2
5 Florida 2
6 Oklahoma State 1
7 Oklahoma 1
8 Southern Cal 1
9 Boise State 2
10 TCU 3
11 Utah 1
12 Georgia 6
13 LSU 1
14 Ohio State --
15 Missouri --
16 Ball State 1
17 Michigan State 5
18 West Virginia 5
19 Georgia Tech 7
20 California 6
21 Kansas 5
22 North Carolina 3
23 Brigham Young 2
24 Pittsburgh 2
25 Northwestern 1

Dropped Out: Tulsa (#16), Minnesota (#18), Connecticut (#20), South Florida (#24), Central Michigan (#25).


Michael W said...

Glad you didn't drop Texas much. Texas still looks like the best team, one loss or not; if the game against Texas Tech was on a neutral field, I highly doubt TT would win. I mean, one missed tackle decided that game. Crazy.

I agree with you that Alabama's schedule thus far looks a lot less impressive in hindsight, but I still gotta take 'bama over Penn State. Hopefully I'm right, 'cause the thought of Texas Tech and Penn State having the inside track to the championship just doesn't do much for me.

Chris said...

I'm a big Michigan State guy, but they are a fairly average team that is overachieving and playing in a weak conference. They're good, but I think 8-2 is slightly misleading. All that to say...I'm not sure how they can be only 3 spots back from an OSU team that CRUSHED them.

Honey Brown said...

Michigan State University at 17?

They beat a rather blue Michigan and then stroke by Wisconsin, who lost to the "amaizing" Wolverines.

That just ain't right. I'm furious, hot and bothered, adjectived.

Every other team is in the rightish position. Might drop Texas, but it is hard considering who is behind them. Penn State should not even foreplay with the NC game this year.

Yours in beard,
Aaron Pierson Brown

Jon said...

Utah at 11??? Behind both Boise State (the most overrated team from the worst conference on the planet) and one-loss TCU. Not to mention Utah defeated the team that USC lost to so I still fail to see why pollsters rank Utah behind USC given the result against a common opponent.