Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 NFL Draft: Who Reaches for Tebow?

The Top 9 picks of the 2009 NFL Draft are set, in this order: (1) Lions; (2) Rams; (3) Chiefs; (4) Seahawks; (5) Browns; (6) Bengals; (7) Raiders; (8) Jaguars; (9) Packers.

So: Who's going to construct the biggest draft reach of the decade and pick Tim Tebow -- and not just pick him in the first round, but pick Tebow in the Top 10? Prediction: Jacksonville.

You think I'm crazy. You read the draft previews that Tebow is a 2nd-round pick, at best. You read the Jags need CB help. I'm just saying that if he comes out -- still an "if" -- he will rise into the first round.

(And if the Jags don't take him -- they would use the Jacksonville native for marketing as much as they would for grooming him to replace David Garrard in 3 years -- the Pats will. Oh yes.)

Because it's never too early for a mock: (1) Andre Smith; (2) Michael Oher; (3) Brian Orakpo; (4) Michael Crabtree; (5) Aaron Curry; (6) Eugene Monroe; (7) Jeremy Maclin; (8) Tebow*; (9) Oh, best available D-lineman.

* - I'm not saying that Sam Bradford isn't a better pro prospect at QB -- or, for that matter, Matt Stafford (although Stafford has a bit of a Grossman look to him). But don't underestimate marketing for a team that struggles with an identity problem as much as the Jags have.

-- D.S.

UPDATE: There's already a response, from a real Jags fan/expert. Very very smart take, particularly if you enjoy seeing me taken behind the woodshed for a beating on the merits (or "merits") of my arguments.


Ted Hill said...

I think you are pretty far off on this one Danny. Their GM was recently fired for making stupid moves and this would not be the way to turn it around. I don't think the Jaguars fan base would like it either. They have way too many needs to be drafting a project of Tebow's proportions in the top ten.

Brett said...

Your logic behind the Jags picking Tebow is wretched. And what makes you think Tebow will go on the first day for sure? Because he will help a team sell 100 or so more tickets from his family?

I believe most, wait, all football teams draft on talent and need.

Unknown said...

While I understand Tebow's image will play some factor in whatever team drafts him, I dont think Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart would completely agree that a players marketability has any correlation to draft position.

On a side note, I cant wait to see how you manage to slight Bradford after OU hangs 50+ on the Gators next week.

Will said...


As big a question mark as Tebow is as an NFL prospect, he's an even bigger sure thing as a college QB, redefining what's possible at the position, and he and the Gators will carve up the mediocre Sooner defense, while Bradford will see a repeat of the TCU game, but with even faster athletes figuring things out after a fast start. OU is very good, but UF is better: 42-30, Gators win.

Unknown said...

I don't mean to slight Tebow as a collegiate football star (although I don't think he's in VY's stratosphere). But as a pro "project" he's not as freakishly athletic as Matt Jones was coming out a few years ago. Tebow is a tough guy, leader,role model, etc. But he doesn't possess that dynamic speed to avoid the Mayo-type linebackers of the NFL.

Also, I hope Bradford sees a repeat of the TCU game.

411 pass yards and 4 tds.

Unknown said...

that's not a bad point. Mayo absolutely tore up Tebow's gmae last time they played each other. And Tennessee's defense at the time only had maybe 2 other pro-caliber athletes.

Magnus said...

Looks like Max was a little off on the 50+ points that OU was going to put up on Florida huh? Guys like Tebow have that something special that goes way beyond what guys like Bradford have. tebow will be a better NFL player than Bradford...I gaurantee it!

Walt Porter said...

It might be hard to stomach for some hardcore sports fans but selling tickets is the number one goal for any sports league. It's just more common that a good team will sell more tickets. Dan raises a valid point.