Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Speaking of Terrible 2008 Picks: Matt Ryan

Looking back over the year, perhaps my worst call of 2008 was panning the Falcons for drafting Matt Ryan. It was made all the more glaring today with Ryan being named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Here are some of my greatest hits:

*"The Falcons blew it."

*Drafting Ryan "has everything to do with appearances -- and nothing to do with winning."

*"You don't hear anyone listing the Falcons as having a great draft. It's because they didn't, and it starts at the top with Matt Ryan."

*God, even through Twitter: "the falcons will regret taking matt ryan"

It was fitting I was in Atlanta two weeks ago and got to see first-hand just how beloved Ryan has become among Falcons fans -- and just how well he has played in helping the team's turnaround.

Mea culpa.

-- D.S.


Eric said...

Props for calling yourself out. Most people make a pick or prediction and never mention it again (unless they're right).

C.West said...

Don't feel bad. Mel Kiper doesn't it every year. I always feel you should never grade a draft the day after. You should wait until after they actually played 1 to 3 seasons then grade the draft. Ryan may stil turn out to be crap. I doubt it but you never know.