Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pick 'Em Champs: M. Dziak, B. Suchek

With the end of the NFL and CFB regular seasons, it's time to congratulate the Daily Quickie Readers pick 'em group winners from football season:

NFL: Mark Dziak's "Kosar's Lament" (99.8 percentile)

CFB: B. Suchak's "RPI Engineers" (99.5 percentile)

Email me directly to claim your prize: A guest-post on DS.com. (Ooh!)

Bowl Mania Update: Suchak is in 3rd -- either totally surprisingly or totally unsurprisingly. I'm in 23rd, but as with last year, I backloaded my high-value picks until the end of bowl season.

Congrats to the winners -- catch you after Bowl season... and get ready for the annual NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em... still the original and the best.

-- D.S.

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