Friday, January 02, 2009

Bowling: Ole Miss Thumping Texas Tech

Wow: I think a lot of people gave Ole Miss a puncher's chance, simply for the way they beat Florida and hung with Alabama. But I don't think they expected Ole Miss to roll like they have.

Texas Tech's defense really is that porous, and TT's stifled offense seems to have gotten accustomed to the soft defenses found from top to bottom in the Big 12.

As far as this serves as a proxy for the national-title game: If nothing else, this result effectively quashes the talking point of Big 12 fans who doubt (or doubted) Florida for losing to Ole Miss.

-- D.S.


Precourt said...

Wow Utah looks like they are in another league than Alabama. Speed, execution, gameplan. If they hold on and win I hope the AP votes Utah the national champion.

Michael W said...

The talking heads said much the same thing about USC/Penn State: the Pac-10 doesn't have better defense per se, but it's a pass-happy league, so USC got used to playing one style of defense, and Penn State just couldn't handle it.

I don't know that the SEC and Pac-10 are necessarily better conferences, but they do cause some matchup problems.

psm said...

So, Utah beats Alabama by 14. Florida beat Alabama by 11. Utah beat New Mexico by 3. From this, we can clearly say that UNM would pummel Alabama and give Florida a good game, right?

Or, maybe, we can just say the kind of extrapolation you've been doing the last couple of days is spurious.

Unknown said...

What do you say about Utah winning easily against Floirda's best win then?

Maybe a little premature.

That being said, I hope you take Alabama to task on losing to a non-BSC conference winner the same way you've revelled in OU's loss to Boise St.

Miracles happened in BSU's win.

Utah straight kicked the shit out of Saban.

Still love the blog. Keep up the great content.

BobbyStompy said...

Nice, smug pro-SEC post during the Ole Miss game, but I don't see anything about 'Bama-Utah.

What an epic setback for the greatest conference ever.