Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thursday 1/1 Quickie: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Lots of college football to watch today, but I am actually just as excited to watch the NHL Winter Classic from Wrigley Field.

Who would have guessed it would be Kansas that would lead the charge to reclaim the Big 12's tarnished rep to start the bowl season?

If you didn't catch LSU clocking Georgia Tech, it was a throttling.

Congrats to...Vandy! Between the Dores and the Tigers, maybe the SEC wasn't as "down" this year as everyone thought they were. We'll see today with South Carolina and Georgia.

Wow: That Oregon State-Pitt Sun Bowl was even WORSE than expected. And that's saying something.

Gonzaga loses 3rd straight: Was this team really my second-choice pick as a national-title contender? (Behind my top national-title pick: Louisville, which also lost last night, to UNLV? Wow, I better resolve to watch more college hoops.)

Meanwhile, is unbeaten Minnesota for real? Michigan State proved otherwise. (And suddenly that Gophs win over Louisville doesn't look THAT impressive.)

Charles Barkley arrested for DUI: I'm a day late on this, but this is as unsurprising as it is appalling. Barkley has large, unregulated tastes -- we knew about the gambling, now booze.

Look: The gambling never hurt anyone (although I still question whether a gambleholic NBA expert could possibly keep himself from betting on the NBA itself), but when you get in a car drunk, you are way more likely to hurt someone else than yourself. Barkley is a mess.

More later. Enjoy the day.

-- D.S.

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