Monday, January 12, 2009

Dash Bennett on The Passion of Tim Tebow

Deadspin's Dash Bennett is the sports-blog Rookie of the Year of 2008, stepping into Deadspin's maw and constantly delivering.

Despite the superlatives and the storylines, writing a post about Tim Tebow of nationalized scope and any non-superficial depth is not easy -- it is mostly left to regional players and (ahem) fawning bandwagoneers.

Bennett pulled it off here, and I'm not just linking to it because he sympathetically points out my own post on the matter (and my SN post, at that, not even my blog post from yesterday).

To reiterate: Among the superlatives, perhaps the most devastating is this -- there have been and will never be more expectations placed on a player than there will be on Tebow in '09.

-- D.S.

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