Friday, January 16, 2009

LeBron As a Cleveland Browns Player

This upcoming State Farm ad featuring LeBron as a player for the Cleveland Browns should get a ton of attention. Kudos to Sparty And Friends -- a blog started by disaffected commenters! I'm so proud! -- for being all over this one. (h/t: True Hoop for taking it wide)

UPDATE: I am surprised that Nike-loyal LeBron put on anything with a Reebok "vector" logo, but I presume that is what he had to do to wear an actual Brown uni. I will say this: If Reebok doesn't ambush the LeBron marketing power by creating and selling No. 23 Browns jerseys, they are insane. In fact, how could they not have them ready for sale Monday, after the commercial airs nationally?

-- D.S.


GuyInTheCorner said...

We sometimes think of the good old days here over at S&F.

Thanks for the linkage.

Rosser said...

If LeBron doesn't come to Dallas in 2010, a small faction of real Mavs fans might decide to end it all. Dirk deserves another run! D-Wade to Dallas would break the universe and Bosh coming home is too easy. That leaves Bron Bron. The Candy Man will be here...and He'll run new commercials in a Cowboy jersey...