Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tim Tebow Returning to Florida for 2009

It's official: Tim Tebow will return to Florida for his senior year. Thus extends the legend of a player already among the most legendary in college football history.
After addressing the crowd and walking to the edge of the stage, he turned around and said, "Oh and by the way, one more thing, let's do it again. I'm coming back!"
This triggers all sorts of things:

(1) Florida will be preseason No. 1, and the heavy favorites to repeat as national champs. (I will repeat as a mantra "USC '05...USC '05" all year long; it's an appropriate cautionary tale.)

(1b) This Florida team does have the potential to be one of the greatest in CFB history (d'oh!). The offense returns Tebow and plenty of skill; the defense returns virtually everyone, including a bunch of redshirt players who could have started this season.

(2) Tebow will be installed as the favorite to win the Heisman -- sorry Colt McCoy: I could see the voters giving it to Tebow simply for coming back and leading the team to an unbeaten season, regardless of stats.

(3) Tebow will have the potential to finish his college career as the greatest player of all time -- certainly the most decorated -- win 2 Heismans (and be finalist for a 3rd) and 3 national championships, which would put him on a plateau of "all-time" unmatched in the sport's history.

(4) There will be so much Tebow insanity all year long, it will be ridiculous, absurd, insane and -- yes -- probably sickening for many of you. The college football world will revolve around him.

I'd suggest you enjoy the novelty -- a mania like this doesn't come along very often, in any sport.

UPDATE: There's one more thing. Much like USC in 2005 (or Florida hoops in 2007), it is "National Title or Utter Failure" next season. Anything less than a title is a bust. The Gators hoops team seemed motivated by that; I think things are much tougher in football.

-- D.S.


sliceshs said...

sickening is a good word.

RHOmea said...

I think Dan pretty much says it all... also:
- It will help Brantley grow as a QB.
- UF's ability to sign great QBs next year just went off the charts as the cupboard is bare after Brantley.
- Everywhere Tebow plays will be packed to the rafters
- interest in CFB will be sky high next year
- Tebow haters will have to be checked into hospitals around the country by next year.

Qwagmire said...

Can we make a deal you can only mention Tebow once a week until College Football Season starts?

I usually read your article at work eating lunch, and I need to keep down all the calories I can to keep my svelte pear shaped figure.

mcscholt said...

This is kind of a ridiculous statement "including a bunch of redshirt players who could have started this season."

Victor said...

Ugh - in terms of media fawning-overness (I'm making up a word here), Tebow is the college equivalent of Brett Favre.

By the way, his decision probably says a lot about what he heard his draft prospects were. I doubt he would be coming back if he was told he would go in the 1st or 2nd round.

Unknown said...

Tim Tebow is an amazing athlete and nobody can argue that. If you try than you're just not a Florida fan, If Tebow was on your favorite team you'd talk just as much. I'm an Auburn fan but like I said, You can't argue Tebow's amazing athletic ability.