Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday 01/13 A.M. Quickie:
Cardinals, Curry, Oklahoma, Louisville

The Cardinals are the new "America's Team." How do you define an "America's Team?" That leads today's SN column, but -- in short -- it's the bandwagon that everyone jumps on when the vast majority of fans have no other rooting interest than the most compelling storyline available.

In this case, the Cardinals aren't just compelling -- it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment for any fan under the age of, say, 60... folks who have never known anything BUT the Cards sucking.

As I point out in the column, this is much different than the jumping on the bandwagon of the Rays run: The sheer decades-long history of ineptitude qualifies the Cardinals as their own unique brand of novelty. And, in the absence of your own team still alive, it's worth rooting for.


*Baseball Hall: Again, who in their right mind wouldn't vote for Rickey? Meanwhile, I'd love to hear why Jim Rice is more Hall-worthy now than he was last year/5 years ago/10 years ago. I think he won a war of attrition, and more voters than not simply gave in to their buddies.

*Oklahoma makes its claim as a national contender -- and as the best team in the Big 12.

*Did I jump off the Louisville bandwagon (and onto Wake's) too early? Notre Dame fans say "Yes."

*Both Josh "No, really: I smile!" McDaniels and Jim "No, really: I love a turnaround job!" Schwartz said all the right things to make Broncos and Lions fans happy.

*Tebow shoulder surgery! (No: I'm actually not that breathless about it...certainly not as breathless as I am about Myron Rolle officially putting off the NFL for Oxford. THAT rules.)

*Eddy Curry: Um...yeah...about that. Lawsuits are easy to file; this driver guy knows exactly what pressure point to push for an NBA player -- play the "gay" card. Curry may win the day on the lawsuit, but he will never ever shake this allegation. It will define his career, unfortunately.

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