Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obamaball: Alexander Wolff FTW With the Definitive Article on Obama and Basketball

Just about a year in the making -- since the primary season began a year ago and Barack Obama's passion for basketball became a huge storyline, certainly among sports fans -- here comes what will likely be the definitive piece about Obama's love of hoops, from SI's Alexander Wolff.

(Ironically, Wolff recently took the SI buy-out -- this piece might serve as the basis for a very successful book that can help off-set that recent career change.)

Anyway, a must-read and kudos to Wolff. (This is going to come across like an insult, but it's really the opposite: It doesn't happen much anymore, but sometimes SI delivers the "signature" take on a story. I think this is one of those times.)

-- D.S.

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