Monday, January 12, 2009

Rickey: 24 Votes Shy of Unanimous HOF

How can 24 self-proclaimed (and BBWAA-"accredited") baseball "experts" leave Rickey Henderson off their Hall of Fame ballot? There should be a rule where if you leave out an "obvious" pick, you lose your voting privileges for some X amount of time. There is voter prerogative, and then there is you-have-no-excuse wrong.

-- D.S.


The Professor said...

i am not disagreeing, but there is a small percentage of the writers, mostly old-timers that think the title "first-ballot HOFer" should be reserved for immortals like Ruth and Cobb and Koufax.

i think there is something to be said about that only because a lot of people put a special emphasis on players that do get in on the first ballot. i have long wondered if maybe the requirements in the first year of eligibility should be 90%. in this case, Rickey still gets in, but it separates the no-doubters from the rest.

Qwagmire said...

You ask how?

Imagine some sportswriter from PoDunk trying to show how important he is, taking someone over to meet Rickey because he "knows" Rickey.

Rickey then basically looks at the guy like hes from the moon , essentially saying "Rickey doesn't know you" to this writer.

20 years later after thousands of bad hot dogs at ball games its time for the writer to vote for Rickey. Remembering the slight because he is important, the writer doesn't vote for Rickey.

Rickey doesn't care, he got his.

***No small animals were hurt typing "Rickey" repeatedly in this bad, but probably true, submission.