Thursday, May 07, 2009

Manny Being Manny: 50-Game Suspension

UPDATE: Neyer's take. More: Olbermann's take. (Got other good ones? Email me.)

AJ Daulerio has an epic take on Manny. Much more awesome than anything you will read on the subject in the next 24-infinity hours on this story.

I'm not normally this naive, but I sincerely always thought that Manny played clean. (Didn't he strike you as too dumb to bother cheating? Turns out he was dumb enough to cheat. I mean: Cheating in 2003? OK. Cheating in 2008 or 2009? Seriously?)

-- D.S.


Jon said...

Surprised there's no comment on his apology or the prevailing circumstances. C'mon, Shanoff - quick reactions may be your forte, but they're usually slightly measured.

SF said...

Manny = The New Kobe.

If the Dodgers are smart, they sign Manny during his suspension to a contract suspension. They will get the ultimate bargain, as Manny's value is at an all time low.

The skeptics of this plan would say that this would be impossible due to the bad publicity that it would create. But let us not forget about Mr. Kobe Bryant. Kobe "raped" a girl in Colorado, underwent a massive public trial, and lost all his sponsors. And what did the Lakers brass do? They stuck by his side, re-signed him to a new contract, and built a team around him. The LA fan base forgave and forgot almost immediately and now Kobe is top-notch player, jersey seller, and money-maker.

LA will quickly and similarly forgive Manny when he leads the Dodgers in another playoff push this summer. Sign him ASAP.