Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday 05/03 (Very) Quickie

I had thought that the Celtics-Bulls series couldn't possibly be diminished from its Game 7 -- how can you screw up a Game 7, when the first 6 were so awesome?

But that's what happened: BECAUSE the first 6 (well, 5 of 6) were so awesome, Game 7 felt... like a let-down. It didn't really go down to the final minutes -- the Bulls were a little too far out the entire way in. There was no last-shot drama, no buzzer-beater.

And, face it: For this to be truly special, the Bulls would have to have won in Boston, eliminating the defending champs.

Compare that to the Kentucky Derby, which was spectacular -- all you needed was that final 15 seconds, when Mine That Bird went from back-of-the-pack to the lead...then about 10 lengths beyond that. All at 50-1. It was an amazing race and amazing result.

Caps beat Pens in NHL Game 1: Simeon Varlamov's save with the game tied 2-2 may have been the greatest hockey save I have ever seen. If the Pens had gone up 3-2, who knows if the Caps would have been able to tie and win the game. Down 0-1, who knows if the Caps would have been able to rally to win the series. Beyond that, it was just a sick save.

MLB Highlights: Sabathia loses (again!)... Dan Haren (11 K) and Ted Lilly (10 K) are the best of the day... I REALLY picked the wrong day not to start Ryan Spilborghs on my fantasy team; it was the best day of his career (3/4, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 3 R, 2 SB)... Hey, the Red Sox finally won at the Trop!

Yeah, Manny Pacquiao is pretty good.

-- D.S.

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