Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday 05/06 A.M. Quickie:
Favre, LeBron, Nuggets, Royals, Vick, More

You all know I'm firmly in the Favre-hater camp. Would it surprise you to know that I want him to come back, to the Vikings?

Obviously, I can't stand the thought of the media coverage -- or Favre himself -- but I can't help but see the intrigue in Packers fans freaking when they realize that this isn't late-career Favre turning on him -- this is how Favre always HAS BEEN. As a bonus, we get to see Vikings fans abandoning their truest selves to root for him.

That leads today's SN column. It was enough to bump MVP LeBron and Cavs Game 1 from the lead today, although I'd argue that tonight's Game 2s are far more interesting than the throttlings going on in the other two series (Cavs-Hawks and Nuggets-Mavs).

Meanwhile, I'm still playing with this "bullet point" format for my daily MLB observations in the column. I'm not sure it gives me enough room to talk about the big stories -- like the Royals' surge or LA's 12-0 home record or even (yeesh) Yanks-Sox, which is so owned by the Red Sox right now that I'm not even sure that it qualifies as a real rivalry anymore.

Lots to cover today: Here's the complete column. More later.

-- D.S.

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