Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday 05/09 (Very) Quickie

Well, it certainly feels like the Lakers are back in control of that series with the Rockets (how about my boy Jordan Farmar?)

On the other side, it feels like the Celtics are done. Maybe not in 5 games, but ultimately. That said, without KG, they simply aren't an elite team.

A-Rod homers in 1st game back: Of course he did. (Credit Sabathia, too.)

Justin Verlander: Pitching as well right now as anyone not named Greinke.

The latest indignity for the Dodgers: Losing to Barry Zito.

I sort of love the AJ Hinch hire for the D'backs. You knew Theo protege Josh Byrnes could do something different -- this qualifies. Who needs previous managing experience, at any level?

Favre Watch: As if anyone actually believed those reports that he wasn't coming back.

Caps-Pens now tied 2-2: Ehh, is it possible the Caps no longer are working under the "hot goalie theory?"

Today: Two blowouts in the NBA playoffs (Nuggets over Mavs, Cavs over Hawks)... Greinke!... Fenway-slaying Scott Kazmir tries to get over his recent issues vs. the Red Sox...

-- D.S.

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