Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday 05/04 A.M. Quickie:
Celtics, Nuggets, Crawford, A-Rod, More

Do we really have to talk about A-Rod today?

I guess the other option is to talk about how the NBA Playoffs have reverted to their original state from a few weeks ago -- blah. (But not so "blah" it couldn't lead today's SN column!)

In the end, what did the Celtics-Bulls series really matter? Like the Celtics can beat the Cavs. Game 7 was a let-down -- it certainly dropped the series behind Warriors-Mavs '07 as the best 1st-round series ever. (The difference? How great could it be if the higher-seeded team ends up winning?)

Beyond that, it looks like we'll get barely interesting series -- the Mavs seem overmatched, and though the Rockets are run fascinatingly, they have "won" simply by getting out of the 1st round.

In the East, the Cavs will blow past the Hawks, and -- again -- does it really matter if the Celtics or the Magic advance? I guess we want to see Celtics-Cavs for the East title.

Meanwhile, in MLB, there's A-Rod, but there are also more fun topics -- like Carl Crawford's 6 steals (not bad in an era where steals have been debunked as more harm than help). Or Verlander's 11 Ks. Or the Strasburg Watch.

Complete column here. More later.

- D.S.

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