Thursday, June 25, 2009

2012 Is The New 2010:
Kevin Durant Is New LeBron
Oklahoma City Is The New Cleveland

Everyone is so focused on the Shaq-Cavs deal -- for good reason: The Cavs have one year left to make a run at the title before LeBron bolts for New York.

(Don't think that the Cavs "investing" in the team through Shaq will keep LeBron around after next season -- like Shaq will be useful after a title run next year?)

Anyway, it strikes me as strange that we started talking about "LeBron 2010" at least 2 years ago. It will peak roughly one year from today.

So doesn't it seem about time to start talking about the next great transcendent Free Agent of the Century move -- Kevin Durant's free agency in 2012? (Sorry, Thunder fans: You're up next.)

As a Wizards fan, I would like to see the team take three cracks at competing for a title over the next three years, then clear the cap room for 2012 to rebuild around Durant, a D.C. native.

What: Too early?

-- D.S.


Rob said...

Fellow Wiz fan here. Nothing would make me happier than bringing one of my favorite players back home to DC.. Durant is awesome and he's only 20. Can't wait to see him become a top 5 (3?) player over the next 3 years.

Matthew said...

What with the monkey off his back now, how hard will Kobe laugh at LeBron if he wins the title with Shaq next year? I suppose even unwanted torches can be passed, right?