Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dan Shanoff 2009 NBA Mock Draft

1. Clippers: Blake Griffin
Solid, but -- honestly -- anyone care?
2. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet
Shouldn't have wasted pick on Conley.
3. Thunder: Ricky Rubio
Unless they trade Rubio to the Knicks for David Lee.
4. Kings: Tyreke Evans Jonny Flynn
Terrific new face of the franchise.
5. T'wolves: Stephen Curry
Unique: Safe talent, yet huge cachet.
6. T'wolves: Tyreke Evans
Great pairing with Curry.
7. Warriors: DeMar DeRozan James Harden
Ellis-Harden makes for terrific young backcourt.
8. Knicks: Jonny Flynn Jordan Hill
Size to replace inevitably departing Lee.
9. Raptors: Jordan Hill DeMar DeRozan
High upside to offset inevitable departure of Bosh.
10. Bucks: Brandon Jennings Jrue Holiday
Remade team could use the sizzle.
11. Nets: Terrence Williams Tyler Hansbrough
I don't see it, but college hoops TV analysts will love.
12. Bobcats: James Johnson
Saw him up close at Wake Forest.
13. Pacers: Jrue Holiday Ty Lawson
Lawson over Jennings: Ooh, the symbolism.
14. Suns: Sam Young Terrence Williams
Versatile and athletic.
15. Pistons: BJ Mullens
With Amir Johnson out, a new young big.
16. Bulls: Gerald Henderson DeJuan Blair
Beef to complement skinny Noah and Thomas up front.
17. Sixers: DeJuan Blair Gerald Henderson
Can't resist Philly star, despite overlap with Iguodala.
18. T'wolves: Tyler Hansbrough Sam Young
Sleeper stud of the draft.
19. Hawks: Earl Clark
Another positionless forward? Why not!
20. Jazz: Eric Maynor
Sloan loves the old-school winners.
21. Hornets: Wayne Ellington
CP3 drives...and dishes here for 3.
22. Blazers: Omri Casspi
Per Ziller, stolen from Sacto?
23. Kings: Austin Daye
Needs time to develop; Kings have it.
24. Mavs (from Blazers): Brandon Jennings
Can't believe he dropped this far.
25. Thunder: Nick Calathes
Stats, size, plus he can develop for a year in Europe.
26. Bulls: Jeff Teague
Sort of like a poor man's Hinrich.
27. Grizzlies: Jonas Jerebko
"Wait: We want a Euro, too!"
28. T'wolves: Chase Budinger
No good, but will be fan favorite for hops.
29. Lakers: Darren Collison
Love their PGs from UCLA.
30. Cavs: Taj Gibson
6 more fouls on Dwight Howard

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