Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday 06/21 (Father's Day) Quickie

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

More rain in New York today for the U.S. Open? Go figure!

Ricky Barnes: Like a parting gift on a game show, they can't take away your 36-hold Open record no matter how you finish -- presumably, he won't finish as sizzling as his start.

Kevin O'Neill to coach USC: Northwestern fans know -- O'Neill is a tireless recruiter, but sort of a Bizarro Pete Carroll -- all cursing and dourness. Get ready for defense-first basketball, too.

MLB: Weaver-vs-Weaver? Dud... I would like to nominate Ben Zobrist for the AL All-Star Team (he has been my fantasy FA pick-up of the year)... Reconstructed shoulder and all, is Josh Johnson the best pitcher in the NL this season? Maybe not better than Johan, but Top 3... If you want to see a circus, follow "Manny Being Minors"... Break up the Rockies!

NBA Draft: It came to me in a vision last night -- (1) Griffin to Clippers; (2) Rubio to Kings (via trade with Memphis); (3) Curry to Thunder; (4) Thabeet to Grizzlies (via Sacto); (5) Evans to Wizards.

(Read a rumor about the T'wolves trying to get the Wiz's 5th pick to go with Minnesota's 6th pick, so they can trade up with Memphis to No. 2. Sorry: Neither Rubio nor Thabeet are so good that they wouldn't be better than what you could get at No. 5 and No. 6 combined.)

-- D.S.

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