Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday 06/27 (Rubio) Quickie

Just a couple of the things that make this Ricky Rubio situation a huge snafu, as rumors swirl that the Knicks are trying to pry him from the clueless T'wolves:

*As for Rubio to the Knicks, can someone explain to me what a team with sights on LeBron James needs with a pass-first/can't-shoot point guard? How does THAT make sense? And why would Rubio want to play with a guy who needs the ball in HIS hands to be dominating?

*I know the Knicks didn't know Rubio could be had at 5, but why didn't they trade Wilson Chandler to the Wizards for the 5th pick, which was an easy deal to make?

*If the Knicks want Rubio, why would they balk at giving the T'wolves WHOEVER -- let's say Chandler? (Would the T'wolves really want David Lee? Hope not: He plays the same position as Love/Jefferson -- and 2/3 of the rest of the T'wolves roster.)

*One more time: How stupid is T'wolves GM David Kahn? The truly ridiculous part is that even without Jonny Flynn, you get the sense that Rubio wouldn't play for Minnesota. Nice scouting!

(The no-show at the T'wolves rookie press conference was simply the insult added to injury.)

*No, the Wizards did NOT "screw up" by "missing out" on Rubio -- they have a 2 or 3 year window to compete for a title; Rubio would not help that as much as Foye and Miller. (Please see my "Two NBAs" post from a few days ago.)

-- D.S.

UPDATE: Saw a rumor that the Rockets are pursuing Rubio -- which makes a lot more sense; unlike the Knicks with LeBron, the Rockets can use a traditional pass-first point guard. They could also offer a compelling package of Aaron Brooks (scoring off the bench), Shane Battier (who fits perfectly as a veteran "glue-guy" SF for Minnesota) and I would add Carl Landry...if the T'wolves didn't already have 10 power forwards.


Melissa said...

Maybe the Knicks want Rubio because they aren't getting LeBron. They aren't, you know. Anyone thinking so is just engaging in New York-centric wishful thinking. The Knicks aren't the Yankees, or even the Mets. Rubio could be the Nash in the new New York Knickersuns.

KoryL said...

What exactly about this situation is the fault of the Timberwolves? Was David Kahn supposed to know Rubio would fall to 5? Was he supposed to pass on him for 2 consecutive picks? I think the idea that young athletes should be able to dictate where they play is dangerous precedence to set.

The entire tone of your blog seems to disparage small markets at the expense of larger ones. It's tiring.

Steve said...

Really you think the Wizards are in some sort of championship window? No way. What they are in is the doldrums where they're just good enough to not get a great pick. Sort of like the Pacers.