Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 06/25 A.M. Quickie:
Draft, Rubio, Shaq, US Soccer, More

My Mock Draft -- which had to be tweaked a few times overnight -- will be up at noon.

It can be a down draft year, but I still think the day of the NBA Draft is one of my favorite sports days of the year. Misdirection, right up 'til the end.

I lead today's SN column with the Top 5 draft storylines:

(1) Where does Rubio go? Oklahoma City: Really? (Or the Knicks, in a sign-n-trade for Lee?)

(2) How far does Brandon Jennings fall -- and how much schadenfreude from the ESPN analysts?

(3) How high does Tyler Hansbrough go? Maybe even to New Jersey at No. 11?

(4) What does Minnesota's new backcourt look like tomorrow: Curry-Harden? Curry-Evans?

(5) Who will win my coveted "Best Dressed" award?

Meanwhile, what does Shaq's trade to the Cavs mean? It means the LeBron marketing juggernaut just got bigger. It means that the Cavs are going for broke next year. It means that the two biggest stars in the league are on one team. But it does NOT mean the Cavs beat the Magic. Dwight Howard will embarrass Shaq, and the Cavs still have no one to stop Lewis.

(Shaq heard about his trade to Cleveland through Twitter. Funny: So did I.)

USA Soccer: Amazing. Seriously, one of the most amazing results for a US national team -- in any sport -- ever. I discount it only slightly because it did not happen in a World Cup. But beating the No. 1 team in the world is no joke.

Congrats to LSU baseball.

Honestly, I am too excited about the draft to post more right now. Check out the complete column here. More later, almost all about the draft.

Probably no live-blog tonight, but certainly running comments on Twitter, which should be exploding tonight during the Draft.

-- D.S.

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