Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday 06/24 A.M. Quickie:
T'wolves, Wizards, Favre, Manny, Spain

So I sort of feel like the T'wolves-Wizards trade officially started the NBA Draft. Perhaps that's because the Wizards are my NBA team, so I inflate anything that happens with them.

As a Wiz fan, I have a few thoughts:

(1) Yes, I'm disappointed to give up the 5 pick, because I was excited to have either Stephen Curry or Tyreke Evans -- either better than Randy Foye (and Curry an even better shooter than Mike Miller).

(2) But I am enthusiastic about unloading some bad contracts, including Etan Thomas. A little bummed about losing Songaila, but that guy's back problems made him half a player.

(3) I like Foye's ability as a combo guard off the bench, either playing off Arenas or off Miller. Not sure what it means for Crittenton (or Mike James, who will hopefull be unloaded).

(4) Obviously, I am happy to have Mike Miller -- even though his time as a Gator preceded my fandom by two years.

(5) I think Ernie Grunfeld has earned the cred to believe in the benefit of the deal for the Wiz.

(6) I love this deal for the T'wolves, as I lead in today's SN column, who can now parlay the 5/6 picks into either (a) the No. 2 pick (don't do it), or (b) a brand-new backcourt of, say, Curry and Evans, which would be sick.

(And if new GM David Kahn wants to make a splash, he would pick both at the same time, having them come up to the podium together, as the new faces of the franchise.)

It also signals that the heavy trading action that everyone is expecting is likely to continue. (How about that rumor that the Celtics were shopping Rondo for Gay/Conley from Memphis? I think the Celtics realize that Rondo will bolt in 2010, because so many teams will have massive cap room to over-spend on him when they inevitably don't get LeBron/Wade/Bosh.)

Otherwise, it's a pretty packed column today:

*Favre's return confirmed? How many media outlets will follow Florio and PFT's lead? You would think they would be racing to jump on this, but it's almost like they are not, just to spite PFT.

*A triple-jump of MLB PED stories:

(1) Manny cheered in return (once more: fans don't care about PEDs like the sensationalizing media.

(2) Speaking of which, the Chicago BBWAA posse is going to talk about how to handle Steroid Era players -- oh, THAT won't be a clusterf--- or anything. Wonder if they will open the discussion to the public?

(3) Ryne Sandberg doesn't think Sammy Sosa is HOF-worthy. Now, Sandberg is probably my favorite baseball player ever -- he was my favorite player growing up, certainly. I appreciate his POV, but it is ridiculous to try to draw lines here, especially when every modern player in the Hall took enough now-banned amphetamines (or amphetamine-like substances) to make the whole thing way too hazy.

Complete column here, with lots more. More coming later today, including my list of 2009 NBA Draftees who will rule, who will be busts and who simply make me say "meh."

-- D.S.

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